Yes, we have tools that help people think

Thinkertools platforms are for any formal or informal group, any ad hoc team, and any individual. They reach across the spectrum of knowledge builders all over the planet. Right now, we're working primarily in English, but other languages will be coming.

Equally, Thinkertools topics are universal, in other words, we aren't limiting our tools to say the hard sciences like physics or biology. Are you studying the roots of civil rights movements, or analyzing literature through feminist theory, or creating a new field of pandemic psychology? Thinkertools can help you.

Web of Inquiry

The Web of Inquiry helps you and your team answer questions, satisfy curiosity, and build knowledge by playing inquiry games. Play a live game, start a new game, connect with other games. If you're a teacher or professor, engage your students in their self-motivated inquiry game. If you're a member of a research team, the Web of Inquiry facilitates your group's knowledge building. If you're interested in a mystery no one has solved, try an inquiry game to find the answer.

"The language of inquiry became our language of practice."


Quipx improves your group collaboration skills and results. You and your team members will increase efficiency, satisfaction, and communication. Based on extensive research in social, cognitive, and metacognitive processes using the CREATE platform, Quipx users develop or strengthen the expertise needed to understand, monitor, and regulate collaborative sense-making processes. And it does all this in an engaging and clear interface.

"Discussions in (Quipx) made us push, made us uncomfortable,
made us grow in ways that we typically don't engage."

Help us grow

We're a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), corporation and all tools are freely available. There's no advertising either. We run on grants, deductible monetary donations, and the effort of many people who contribute their time. Please donate or contact us for ways to participate.

Here's what's happening on Thinkertools

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active inquiry games: 147 [example]
completed inquiry games: 4,589 [example]
inquiry game connections: 24,627 [example]

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active team sessions: 470 [example]
completed team sessions: 38,909 [example]
reflections made: 260,348 [example]