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Inquiry Software ThinkerTools Software Systems

In the ThinkerTools Project, we are developing software that better enables students to engage in scientific inquiry and modeling.

Web of Inquiry Web of Inquiry

The Web of Inquiry is a web-based system that helps students, teachers, and researchers learn science through doing inquiry projects. Do you have a research topic that you want to investigate? Do you want advice on how to do a science project? Do you want to build science curricula for your class? Do you want to include assessment in your projects? The Web of Inquiry is designed to help with all of these tasks and more.

Inquiry Island Inquiry Island

The ThinkerTools Inquiry Island system guides students as they plan and carry out research projects. It provides a research notebook, which structures the inquiry process, and software advisors who guide students through the process.

Force and Motion Force and Motion

The ThinkerTools Force-and-Motion software provides interactive simulations of force-and-motion phenomena. Students can experiment with and modify the simulations in various ways, so that they develop and investigate alternative models of force and motion.

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