Yes, we have tools that help people think

At a deeper level, we help people learn about what intrigues them. We help them build new knowledge they believe will benefit humankind and the planet. People want to connect with others to be a key part of our collective intelligence. We help you make those connections.

We want Thinkertools and everyone who uses the tools to be part of something big. We don't think anyone would deny we live during a time with big problems. Pandemics, climate change, inequality, health care. Solving these problems and ensuring we don't cause new problems requires each of us to think, to understand, to reason, to question, but most importantly to help build new knowledge. Because without that, we're sunk.

We also want Thinkertools to be part of something personally satisfying. We're an inquisitive species. We want to know why there's a universe, or what's the meaning of the novel I just read, or how does the brain rewire during isolation? All of us want to be part of a solution, or to solve a mystery. Thinkertools is a great place to start to satisfy your curiosity.

Here's what's happening on Thinkertools

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active inquiry games: 147 [example]
completed inquiry games: 4,589 [example]
inquiry game connections: 24,627 [example]

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active team sessions: 470 [example]
completed team sessions: 38,909 [example]
reflections made: 260,348 [example]